What's right is right


We have always taken care of our customers. But equally important to us are our collaborators and suppliers.
This is the reason why for many years we have been asking all our footwear suppliers to sign a code of ethics by which they commit to the protection of their employees' working conditions and health, respect for the environment and precise standards of conduct, in solidarity with De Fonseca.

Download the code of ethics

Il rispetto per l'ambiente è fatto di passi concreti

We believe that each one of us can do our part to respect the environment around us.
Every year we try to improve our packaging systems, eliminating non-recyclable parts and using more sustainable and natural materials.

We have also opted for digital catalogues and reduced the number of paper ones; the latter are in any case produced using FSC-certified paper to guarantee a certified and environmentally friendly supply chain.

Smart Pack: we make the difference

For many years now we have limited the use of protective films on packaging that prevented sorting for collection and disposal.
When using mixed packaging, all parts are easily separated to facilitate disposal and reuse.
We have replaced most of the plastic packaging with recycled and recyclable pressed cardboard supports.

Recycling is always living material

When we develop our collections we are always looking for new materials that are not only safe and comfortable but also eco-friendly. This is why we also use materials obtained through the wise reuse of synthetic materials in our products: what was once a plastic container can now become a new warm and soft fabric!

Oasi De Fonseca

Through the Oasi De Fonseca project, we have created and expanded a rescue centre for horses and other animals, which are reared and looked after for a peaceful life in the heart of nature.

Because we love to take care of those close to us, even if they can't wear our slippers ;)