The originals with a green heel

A classic for the future

We were the first to introduce the Lungamarcia to Europe. A success that boasts over 100 million pairs sold to date.

Dual function

The original Lungamarcia were designed as comfortable and lightweight indoor shoes, and thanks to their toughness they can also be used as outdoor walking shoes.


A success that has been passed on from year to year thanks to their comfort. The cool cotton upper gives a pleasant tactile sensation and a unique resistance. The touch of originality and uniformity of this entire collection is provided by the extremely soft canvas lining, made of light, cool and breathable cotton. Now the De Fonseca Lungamarcia is also available in a winter version with a rich velvet upper.

A successful icon

Look out for the originals: De Fonseca Lungamarcia are the only ones with a green heel made from natural materials. A successful "green" icon. 


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