Comfort at its best


La + Comoda relieves the daily tension caused by uncomfortable footwear that stiffens our bodies. It helps to adapt the arch of the foot by distributing the weight of the body evenly for total comfort.


Thanks to our ultra-light, flexible and breathable soles, La+Comoda products guarantee the utmost step by step comfort.

New lines

La + Comoda is a perfect combination of quality and style, designed to meet 5 levels of comfort: stitched leather, removable leather, Stitch&Turn, casual and economy chic.

For every need

We create the most favourable conditions for day-to-day life to be easier and more comfortable by responding to the desires and primary need for comfort. We listen to what people say, and it is from their needs that De Fonseca has created the La + comoda premium line of slippers and footwear.            An indoor and outdoor range that crosses every comfort boundary.

Lightness and flexibility
Total softness
Anatomic footbed
Breathable upper
Shock-resistant and non-slip sole

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