Our Quality

The De Fonseca 5 layers

Light, breathable, comfortable: each of the 5 inner layers of our slippers is specifically designed to provide strength, comfort, support and structure to ensure you the most comfortable use.

The 5 layers

1. More comfortable materials
+ -
New improved comfortable structures, including a breathable fabric footbed, make the slipper incredibly comfortable.
2. Increased softness in the padding
+ -
A thermo-modelling recycled padding: it adapts to the natural shape of the foot.
3. Increased support in the heel
+ -
The insole is cushioned and dissipating: it cushions micro-traumas by absorbing shocks.
4. More cushioned control
+ -
The reinforced heel provides support for walking, reducing impact with the ground and spinal fatigue.
5. More grip and protection
+ -
The sole is made of insulating, non-slip and tough materials while remaining very flexible to allow the foot to maintain a natural position.