Original restyling

De Fonseca interprets the classic almond Friulane model by redesigning a softer, more sinuous and even more refined line.

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Even today, our Friulanas continue to be thought from the heart and handmade with love.


True to tradition, De Fonseca Friulanas are a sophisticated, modern, quality version of the classic Friulana, a true style must-have.

Le Friulane

Romantic origins

We are inspired by traditional craftsmanship to clothe it with originality and comfort. Exclusively for you, we have created a unique and timeless friulane line to be comfortable and elegant always, at home and away.
Hand-sewn, rich in history and tradition, the friulana dates back to the distant 1800s when some women from the Friulian countryside, as ingenious as they were courageous, began making footwear out of salvaged fabrics and old bicycle tires. Hence the name, in dialect, furlane.

Refinement and elegance
Attention to detail

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