A long journey, step by step

The beginning of the 1970s was a period of radical social and cultural transformation, and of growth and discovery. Two globetrotting entrepreneurs, Laura Camis De Fonseca and Livio Tamagno, set off on a long journey along the Silk Road, following the path 700 years later of a legendary man who was also a trader and traveller: Marco Polo.
It was from this adventure that the intuition that still guides our every step after 50 years was born.
If, after producing hundreds of millions of slippers, we are now the Italian leader in this market, it is because we have continued to keep our desire for discovery travelling, always looking for new directions. Our customers have accompanied us along the way, taking us increasingly further afield: the family company has become a large international business with offices in Shanghai and Moscow. What we have never strayed from, however, is the commitment and passion we put into every aspect of our work, even the smallest.

Now, after a long way, make yourselves comfortable.

Our mission

To offer an unparalleled range of products that combines the utmost comfort with quality, design and Italian style.


Italian style

Dozens of people including designers, stylists, pattern makers, consultants and product experts work daily to make our footwear.