Easy, colourful, timeless

Iconic product

From a historic, basic product to a timeless fashion phenomenon. De Fonseca espadrillas have become synonymous with freedom and the Mediterranean summer the world envies.

Always comfortable

Being a De Fonseca line, comfort is never lacking. This is thanks to the breathable 12 oz upper, the reinforcement in the sole and the reinforced toe.

A world of colours

Espadrillas products follow the on-trend colour palette year after year with more than 20 colour shades.

De Fonseca originals

This is why we have been the leader not only in indoor footwear but also in lightweight summer footwear for over 30 years. Since the 1990s, De Fonseca has meant Espadrillas for millions of consumers.

Breathable upper
Breathable sole
Non-slip rubber reinforcement
Durable cotton lining
Natural product
Double layer of durable cord

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